Sat 20 Sept - WED 1 Oct Melbourne Showgrounds

Royal Melbourne Show 2013

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There's nothing like watching Australia's top horses and riders

The Horses in Action program is one of the highlights of the Royal Melbourne Show.

Across the Show’s 12 days, you’ll see over 600 of Australia’s finest horses and riders (some as young as 4 years old) compete in a spectacular range of blue ribbon events.

This year celebrates the 100 year anniversary of the first Clydesdale Champion awarded at the Royal Melbourne Show. To celebrate the milestone, the led Clydesdale judging moves indoors into The Weekly Times Livestock Pavilion.

The prestigious Garryowen Equestrienne Turnout is one of the most anticipated events on the nation’s equestrian calendar. Be sure to witness the Garryowen’s 80th anniversary celebration at this year’s Show!

View the full timetable of classes.

Clydesdales at the Royal Melbourne Show

Clydesdales - Centenary of Royal Melbourne Show Champions

See the majestic Clydesdales up close when the blue ribbon competition moves into The Weekly Times Livestock Pavilion for the very first time! Then get up close and see how big these gentle giants of the horse world really are with a tour through the Clydesdale Pavilion, where you can meet the owners and watch these beautiful animals being prepared for judging.

Clydesdale Pavilion Tours
Sunday 28 September

Led Clydesdales Judging
Saturday 27 September
The Weekly Times Livestock Pavilion

Harness Clydesdale Judging
Monday 29 September
Coca-Cola Arena

Exhibition Eventing

Now in its fourth year, Exhibition Eventing brings the skill and excitement of the Olympic sport Eventing to the Royal Melbourne Show. The event is judged over two rounds and features a dressage phase followed by a jumping phase which combines the skill and accuracy of show jumping with the speed and adventure of cross-country riding – all set to a background of rocking music.

Penalties are accumulated throughout the two rounds and the rider with the lowest score is the declared the winner.

Exhibition Eventing
Sunday 21 September
10.30am (Dressage); 6.30pm (Jumping)
Coca-Cola Arena

The Garryowen Equestrienne Turnout - Horses in Action - Royal Melbourne Show

The Garryowen Equestrienne Turnout – 80th Anniversary

2014 marks the 80th anniversary of the Garryowen Equestrienne Turnout - undoubtedly one of the most prestigious equestrienne events in Australia.

The event is named in memory of the champion horse Garryowen, whose owner Violet Murrell, one of Victoria’s best Show and cross country horsewomen died aged 29 trying to save him from a stable fire in 1934.

Since then, the Garryowen Equestrienne Turnout has consistently attracted some of Australia’s best female riders.

Competitors are strictly judged on six areas: horse conformation, manners and paces, saddlery, costume, riding ability and general appearance.

Garryowen Equestrienne Turnout (as part of Turnout Day)
Wednesday 24 September
Coca-Cola Arena


See Australia’s finest jumping riders take centre stage on Coca-Cola Arena from Thursday 25 September to Sunday 28 September. Horse and riders complete courses of 10 to 13 jumps up to 1.60m high! Their aim is to jump the course in sequence with no mistakes. If any part of an obstacle is knocked down or if the horse refuses a jump, penalties are accumulated.

Depending on the competition, the winner is the rider/horse who completes the course in the fastest time while accruing the least penalties or gaining the highest number of points.

The Jumping section culminates with the World Cup Jumping Qualifier where riders earn points towards their season score, whereby the winner is invited to represent Australia at the 2015 World Cup Final in Las Vegas.

Horse Jumping
Thursday 25 September - Sunday 28 September
Feature events include:

  • Speed Derby on Friday 26 September
  • World Cup Jumping Qualifier on Sunday 28 September


Show Horses

The spectacular show horses are judged on movement, manners, presentation and conformation (correctness of bone structure). Horses are judged in classes according to height (pony, Galloway or hack), type and rider. Each horse parades in front of the judge to show off the horse’s best qualities. The judge then places the horses in order of preference with winners in each class going forward to contest for the title of Champion.

Show Horses Judging
Daily from Saturday 20 September to Wednesday 24 September
Coca-Cola Arena

Harness Horses at the Royal Melbourne Show Horses in Action

Harness Horses

Harness horses take us back to a time before cars. See horses of all shapes and sizes from the majestic Clydesdale to the small Shetland Pony and elegant Hackney Horse, pulling traditional and modern carriages.

Entries are judged on the movement of the horse, presentation of the horse and carriage, and the driver’s ability. Some of the classes involve teams of two, three or even four horses hitched to a carriage.

Harness Horses Judging
Daily from Monday 29 September - Wednesday 1 October
Coca-Cola Arena